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Break problem

I have a 2002 Astro van, the breaks squeeled after my mechanic put on new rotors and pads. To cure the problem he then put on new calipers and now the breaks still squeel and the van pulls to the left.According to the mechanic every vihicle pulls a bit when braking. I dont think thats true. Whos right and whos wrong?

It’s "brakes."
None of my cars pull in any direction when braking.

No vehicle, when properly working, pulls to either side when braking. Your mechanic is full of it.

Perhaps all the brakes HE works on pull to one side.

Well I suggest that ALL cars pull to one side or another, but few pull enough to feel.

Isn’t this kind of like the tree falling in the forest with no one to hear it?
If it pulls but no one can feel it, does it really pull?
(I’m sure that you are right, it would be impossible to have exactly equal braking force at any particular time. However, it should be close enough that it doesn’t alter the direction of the car’s travel, even with your hands off the wheel.)

Your mechanic hasn’t bled the brakes properly. The right side brake line, and / or caliper, have air in it.
He will need to put a brake quite substance (or, shims) on the brake pads.
Sometimes, nothing helps, except, changing to another (probably, more expensive) set of brake pads.

You need a new mechanic if, to repair a pull and brake squeal, he put new calipers on. He’s ripping you off.

Brake squeel is very common. He didn’t need to replace the calipers. As Hellokit said, there’s an anti-squeel compound that goes on the back of the pads to reduce this. But I too question your mechanic’s ability, he should know this.