Break Problem?

I continue to have a problem when step on the breaks, especially when have to break quickly. Hear noise both in the front and back of car, with vibrations and stearing wheel shakes. I have already had the following replaced: Rotors, Drums, Disk Break Pads, Calapers, Wheel Cylinders. I brought the car back two more times. They then had to again replace Rotors and Drums. After spending over $2000.00, the car still has a problem. Midas is now telling me the problem is not with the breaks, but some other problem with the car. Do you have any suggestions for me? Although this is an older car, it runs well and only has 66,000 miles. Help.

Go to a good independent shop to get your BRAKES fixed. Only take your car to a chain if you want them to BREAK something.

Can you recommend a “good independent shop” in the Port St Lucie, Fl area?

go to this web page and type in your location

I think you will find one or more of the Brakes incorrectly assembled or once again, defective parts were installed…

The drums in the back were never part of the problem, it’s strictly with the discs in front. I think the main problem is with the compound used in the pad material of the Midas pads. It causes an uneven build up on the rotors resulting in the pulsing. Sometimes a couple of good hard (not lock up) almost stops from 60 or so will remove the contamination. Don’t come to a complete stop or the area on the rotors trapped under the pads will trap a lot of heat causing the rotors to warp.