Break problem with 99 corolla

front wheel of my 99 corolla started making noise when applies break and it felt like break was still applied even when i took my feet off. mechanic says it needs caliber, pads and rotors. and asking for $800. please suggest if it is the right price.

It may very well need a caliper and new pads, but unless the rotor is damaged or past its service life you probably don’t need that.

Considering you drive a Corolla, you could probably save yourself $700 if you do the job yourself (or have a car savvy friend do it). Get a service manual and the replacement parts and if you’ve got basic tools, a novice can do the job in an hour or so.

See the other post, “Dragging Brake, No Solution In Sight”. If you want a mechanic to do it, don’t go to Mr. Expensive Mechanic.

I would consult another mechanic and get a second opinion. Did the mechanic take anything apart and check, or is he/she just guessing? There are other things that can cause this problem.