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Break Lights not working but rest all lights work

Hi, I have corolla 2011. I am facing issues with break lights not working. The Third break light is working fine, the emergency flasher is working fine, the reverse light is working fine, tail light is working fine, the headlights are working fine. BUT both the break lights have stopped working at once.
Can someone help me with the issue.

Note: Additional Information in case it can help. I had to recently drive for an hour in heavy rain and also recently the glove box had some issues while closing it. The reason was that the cabin filter cover came of which was getting stuck in glove box not allowing it to close.

Obvious question first: Did you look at the bulbs and make sure they weren’t just burned out?

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I have not checked that as my initial thought was how would both the bulbs go bad together. Also are the break bulbs different from the emergency flasher bulbs. Also would you mind letting me know how should I check to make sure if the bulbs are bad or not.

you do not have “break” lights. Nothing wrong with your car. :grin:

But, maybe you have bad bulbs in your “BRAKE” lights.

Before checking the bulbs I’d check a fuse. Unlikely that all the brake lights will go out at the same time.

How do you know they both went out at the same time? Most people don’t maintain 24/7 surveillance of their brake lights. :wink:

If one burned out last Thursday and the other burned out yesterday…

To check the bulb, simply look at it. You’ll see a filament inside. If it’s broken and/or there’s a dark smoky spot on the glass, it’s burned out.

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I thought the fuse for third brake light and the brake light is same. As third brake light is working, so fuse for me was not a issue. Also I checked owner manual, and it says the STOP light fuse is for stop light, fuel injector, ABS and couple of other things which are running fine. So, I thought STOP light fuse may not be the issue. I would see if I can check it.

Sure, would take a look at the bulbs…you are right it may be I noticed them now when both went bad…

Also is the bulb for night running light different from brake lights. I can see that when I switch ON car lights, there is some light that keeps ON in rear of the car. I think it is tail light and not brake light. Asking for confirmation.

Do you not have a relative or a friend that can look at the lights and tell you what is actually happening ? And yes when the head lights are on there should be tail lights on.

Some people drive around for an extended period of time with one light (BRAKE, or other lights) burned out, but don’t become aware of it until its twin bulb also burns out.

assuming non-LED:
same bulb, different filaments. One can go bad and leave the other one working just fine. Brake light filaments are hotter and brighter, so they tend to break sooner than the running light filament.