Break-In procedures ala 2008

Seems that each time I get a new car, the break-in procedures get less and less…or as I have heard in some friend’s experience, none at all.

Anyway, have a new '08 TOY Prius and the manual says to drive at varying speeds for first 1K, avoid hard stops, avoid heavy foot on the pedal, etc.

No mention of changing oil at 1K…I know it wouldn’t hurt to do it anyway, but any thoughts…its what I have always done in the past.

No mention of changing oil at 1K…I know it wouldn’t hurt to do it anyway

Are you sure 'bout that? Some manfrs put additives in the oil for specifically for break-in and specify NOT to change the oil for at least X miles. Best to read the owner’s manual and follow their instructions.

That’s pretty much what the manual said for my 2006 Sienna. It did state that the van could use up to 1 qt/1000 miles during the break-in. I checked the oil frequently during this time, the level never changed. I did change the oil at 3k instead of 5k, normally I change the oil every 4k or so.

Ed B.

Way, way back, when I ran a garage in PA, it was standard practice to use “break-in” oil on newly overhauled engines. This oil was labeled as such and was very thin… almost like a 5W laced with kerosene. I believe the oil was designed to enable the rings to seat properly without glazing the cylinder walls. As I recall, this oil was kept in the engine for only approx. 100 miles. I’m talking antiquity now, so I’m not sure how far the technology has gone. I do know that machining tolerances and surface treatments have come a long way since then, so it’s likely that the break-in recommendations have changed.

No mention of changing oil at 1K…I know it wouldn’t hurt to do it anyway, but any thoughts…

Maybe maybe not. There have been some test that show at least some modern cars may get less wear with moderately used oil vs new oil.

I would not change it out a 1K. I might do the first change a little early, but not that early.

BTW I followed the manufacturer’s recommendations and now at about 70K I have never had to add oil (10K changes). I have never had the oil down even a quarter of the way when I have changed it.

My new Honda Accord says wait till 5k before changing the break in oil.

No hot rodding, normal driving, and break-in will be accomplished in 25 miles.
I also firmly believe that any new engine should get an early oil change. A new car is no different than one in which you have an engine rebuilt; it should get an oil/filter change in a 1000 miles or so miles.

With any engine, there is going to be a certain amount of microscopic debris during the break-in period. No oil filter is going to catch all of that debris; only particles of roughly a certain micron size and larger depending on the filter.
The majority of it will continue to circulate throughout the entire engine so my opinion is head it off early.

Can you go longer without doing any harm? Probably. The early oil change is an inexpensive insurance policy is the way I look at it.
If someone’s driving habits are like my sister-in-law then a 1000 miles is the top of the limit since she only puts about 3000-3500 miles a year on her car; all very short hop, stop and go stuff. This is the type of driving most harmful to an engine.