Brand new tacoma frame has factory defect - can I refuse repair and ask for 2nd new frame

My 04 tacoma frame was replaced under warranty. Spent another 1300 on exhaust, shocks etc. Now dealer said frame brace is in wrong location and is rubbing which is why at different speeds my steering wheel is shaking, tires bouncing, thought it was something they did to my tire weights or alignment. I’m waiting to hear back from factory rep but I assume they’ll want to cut nd reweld since they supposedly spent 12k for new frame. I don’t want a compromised frame, is it legal for them to repair it or is another new frame justified?

It’s legal for them to do a factory approved repair.
Heck, it would even have been legal for them to refuse to replace frames on 9 year old pickups. IMHO you lucked out.

When you’re talking frame brace and rubbing you’re more likely to encounter the terms banging and grinding than cutting and rewelding.

@TacoOwner demand a new and correct frame.

They . . . . . . up, not you.

Tell them to give you the correct frame . . . or buy the truck from you.

Tell them you want a truck with the correct frame, NOT Frankenstein’s monster.