Brand new control arm squeaking

I have a 2018 Trax with 23k miles on it. I had to bring it to the dealership last week due to it leaking coolant (covered under warranty) and while I was there they notified me there was a recall on it for both lower control arms and they were fixing that too. I don’t trust dealerships so after I got it back I drove it for a while to make sure it was good. This morning, several days later, I noticed a squeaking sound coming from the drivers side front tire. It squeaks when I’m getting in and out of the car and usually when I’m just driving at a low speed. Does not get worse when turning, seems to drive fine, no shaking, rattling, or pulling. Just a very annoying squeaking. I don’t know much about cars, most of my googling is telling me it’s probably fine. Not sure if it’s worth the headache of taking it back to the dealership.

Take it back , that is why you have a warranty ( Included in the price of the vehicle ) . That is the only way you can be sure there is not a serious problem .


The way I see it, you have 3 options

  1. take it to the dealer to be fixed for free
  2. take it to an independent shop and pay to have it fixed…
  3. believe random internet opinions from people who’ve not seen, touched or listened to your car and ignore it hoping it will go away. It might, it might not, or it might get worse. There is no way to know.

If your dealer is a hassle, you could take it to any other dealer of your make of car and they will fix it for free, too.


It happened to me when I tightened the nuts and bolts while the wheel was hanging down. I loosened them, set the car down on the ground and bounced it a few times, then tightened things up to spec. Problem solved.

I had a brand new control arm squeak, I took it back to the shop that did the repair and they fixed it for free.

Take it back.

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When working on automobiles and plumbing it’s good to remember that because tight is good doesn’t mean that too tight is better.

You might consider that the squeak is a sway bar bushing and lubing them can shut them up. Odds are it was squeaking before but after getting the car back you were likely listening more intently for problems and just happened to notice it.

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I would disagree. Getting in quiet car is good time to hear squeak
Did they tighten arms with suspension loaded?