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Braking/Master Cylinder LOUD noise (2 days after purchase)

I bought a 2001 Toyota 4runner 3 days ago and the problems have started :frowning: Theday after I bought it I noticed the traction control light went on in the dash meaning that it turned off. When it went on it made a little noise. 2 minutes later the light went away and it was fine. Tonight while going to the store I just stuck the key to ACC and there was a terrible loud noise going on and off in 2 second intervals. It was a cross between metal scrapping and a cheap ruste buzzard. I opened the hood and could tell it was coming from the master cylinder area. When I listened closer along with the awful noise there was a continuous pumping noise coming from the master cyclinder. The fluid is clear and within normal range. When I press on the brake while it is making the noise, I can feel the vibration in the foot pedal. I don’t think I lose any braking power. Nothing appears to be leaking from the master cylinder either. The car has 83,000 miles and has a 6 cylinder and 2 wd

I also hooked up a OBD reader for a trouble code and nothing came up

Can I pull a fuse to get rid of the constant noise and still be safe. If traction control is only for accelerationmy guess is that it would be ok.?

Sounds like your ABS self test feature is working overtime.

so what does that mean or what do i do about it?

What I am giving is my best conclusion based on your discription,it is normal for the ABS to do a self test upon every ignition cycle, your discription makes me believe your self test is louder and longer than normal.

The noise needs to be evaluated by someone familar with the lenght and characteristics of the self test.

I can’t advise that any abnormal brake condition should be ignored.

This could end up with either a control unit (electronic) or a hydraulic part needing replacement.

I am in agreement with oldschool. While an ABS self-test is supposed to last just a couple of seconds, yours is apparently not stopping when it should. Since this is likely related to an electronic fault in the ABS controls, you need to have it checked by a shop that is competent with this type of system. Please note that this does NOT include Meineke, Midas, or any other chain operation.

On a related note, if you bought this truck from a dealership, you should really throw the problem into their lap, so to speak. However, if it was bought “as-is”, or if it was bought from an individual, you will have to shoulder the cost by yourself. One way or another however, this is not something that you can ignore.

Do you think it would still be safe to drive? I can’t imagine that the brakes would go out all of the sudden

I would like to say yes and I would feel comfortable driving it,but I hesitate to tell you yes even when I have no liability (we don’t do we?).