Please help me diagnose a braking problem with my 81 AMC Concord. It has a long stopping distance. The rear brake hoses were replaced in 1991 and the front brake hoses a few years later. The oldest brake part is the brake proportioning valve, but I don’t think that’s causing the braking problems. Do you know an experienced mechanic in Wichita, KS that can repair my car’s brakes?

More details needed.
Is the pedal soft, like it’s going to the floor?
Or is the pedal stiff, and takes a lot of force to stop?

Talk to the guys at G&L. Two locations in town, as I recall, and they do good work. That is the only place my daughter gets her car worked on.

The pedal is stiff and it takes a lot of force to stop the car.

You’re doing the right thing in seeking out an experienced shop, and I saw that Jayhawkry suggested one. let them do the diagnosis.

I’m gonna suggest that they might find th ebrake booster defective. Thats a diaphragm-in-a-can that uses engine vacuum to assist you when braking.

Thank you for helping me solve my car’s brake problems in Wichita. The brake problems began when I replaced the pads on the disc brakes so that it would pass safety inspection. The red light would come on after applying the brakes a few times and I repeatedly bled the brake lines. The bleed screws were worn out and air kept leaking into the lines. I’ve fixed this problem. I’ve replaced the master cylinder twice. The first master cylinder was new and had a bad metering valve on top. The fluid wouldn’t flow between the two chambers. The rear brake shoes were dragging on the drums, the brake pedal was hard, and it had a long stopping distance, the same problem as now. I’ve installed a rebuilt master cylinder, new drums, new rear wheel cylinders, pads, shoes, and calipers on the front disc brakes. The brake problem is still there. Thanks for your suggestion. I want to get my car back on the road.