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I have a 2005 Honda Civic which has about 105,000 miles on it. I have a couple of issues that I think may be related.

First, I’ve had to have the pads changed a couple of times, including a couple of months ago, at which time the calipers were fixed. Still, I notice that the pedal still sinks rather low when I depress it, and even more so now that the weather is warmer. I also occasionally hear a sound when I touch the brakes. The car does slow and stop, but I do wonder what the issue might be.

Also, I notice that when the car gets above 60 m.p.h., it feels a bit wobbly, though the car doesn’t shake. My inclination is to think that it needs a wheel alignment, but I wonder if there is something else wrong, and if it might be related to the brake issue.


Soft brakes are usually the master cylinder or less often rubber brake hoses gone soft.

Change the brake fluid first and see if it improves. I change fluid every 3 years.

Brake sounds: If you’ve changed pads twice it might be time for new rotors.
Are they smooth and not worn too thin?

Wobbly: get suspension checked out. Could be worn ball joints or bushings.

Can’t say much more without seeing the car in person.