My Car Brakes

I brought my 2003 civic into the shop yesterday. It had about 73,000 miles so did standard 75,000 service. On my invoice they said they adjusted rear brakes. When I took it elsewhere for tires mechanic said it needed brakes (fluid low) and pads soon. He said Honda just gives real quick check in their shop. Who is right?

They could both be right. The shop might have adjusted the rear drum brakes (2003 Civics came standard with rear drum brakes) without pulling off the drum to inspect them. It’s also possible that the front brakes are getting worn down to the point where you might have to replace them soon. Have you ever replaced the brakes in the past?

You could always take off one of the front wheels and look for yourself. There is only so much that speculation on the internet can accomplish. At some point someone will have to look at it. Get a second opinion if you are unable to look yourself.