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Brakes stuck

i have a 1987 lin. town 302 8cy. i noticed the other day the car was not acting right, and i smelled slightly the brake smell. i got home jacked up the car and both wheels were very hard to turn, in fact the calipers were stuck. checked the brake fluid o.k. something happened but i don"t no where to look anymore??? my neighbor says some valve is stuck? a little to much for me to attempt. any input would help.

The first thing to check is if the caliper pistons and/or slides are binding. If the pistons are binding the calipers require replacement. If the slides are binding, the caliper slides need to be removed, cleaned, lubed, and reinstalled. If slides are heavly corroded they should be replaced. If no problem is found in the calipers, then the problem might be with the flexible rubber brake lines to the calipers. As these age, the internal hose can deteriorate where a piece of the rubber can become detached and hang. This then can act like a check valve where it allows hydraulic pressure to be applied to the calipers when the brake pedal is applied. But when the brake pedal is released, this piece of rubber prevents the hydraulic pressure from being released. To check for this, open the bleeder screws on the calipers. If brake fluid squirts out and the brakes are no longer locked, replace the brake hoses.


thanks for the comeback, the brakes, rotors and calipers were installed in April of 2008,if it means anything i will bleed the calipers, if you think it won"t help it will not be done . hope to here from you, thanks again