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2014 Ford Mustang - Rear brakes

Rear brake wear. Driving mostly highway miles, I had to replace the rear brakes prematurely. The front brakes lasted the life of the car at trade in - 98,000 miles. I now have a 2018 mustang with 31,000 miles and the rear rotors look rough while the front look like new. I’m starting to drive with the Traction Control turned off as this may be causing the problem.

The traction Control is not the problem . It is just a fact that many vehicles rear brake pads wear quicker because they are not as large as the front rotors and pads.

Nope, not the reason. Many modern cars bias the braking force to the rear as a way of making the rears and fronts wear at the same rate in high traffic areas like LA or Boston. These traffic situations tend to wear out front brakes WAY quicker than rears. So to solve that, the rears are given more bias and if they lock up too early, the ABS prevents it.

For drivers like you and I, mostly highway, the rears wear out quicker than the fronts. This is true for my Mustang as well as my Chevy truck.

Don’t worry about it, just replace the rear pads earlier than the fronts. They are cheaper, by the way. Just the opposite of what you did 20 years ago.

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Same with my F150, new rear pads at 57000, still on original front pads.
But, “rear rotors look rough”, what’s the pad thickness?