Brakes & bumps

Is it true that applying brakes when going over bumps (speed bumps, train tracks, pot holes, etc.) will harm the vehicle (brakes, steering, suspension)?

Yes it will! I usually slow down just before hitting the pothole if I cannot avoid it. Don’t forget the tires,rims,wheel bearings etc.

No it won’t hurt.

I can assure you the manufacturer did exactly this and far worse when they were testing your car.

I really don’t want this in your mind when driving as it may prevent you from using the brakes when needed as you are crossing such things. I am not saying make a habit of it hitting your brakes on a railroad track, just don’t worry that it will harm the car.

Is this some lousy advice someone gave you ? If so you might want to question anything else they say.

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No, that’s not a problem. Best to brake prior to the bump/pothole so you are going the slowest as you go over the bump, rather than slamming on the brakes after you’ve hit the leading edge. But sometimes that’s not possible, and it is still better to slow down than not slow down.