Brakes and Rotors for a 2003 Toyota Avalon



I need new front rotors and brakes. I need advice on what brand and type of rotors/brakes to use. We are living in Germany right now, so we drive on the autoban (fast) and I would be willing to pay more for better parts. The avalon steering is prone to shaking, so I need parts that help reduce brake shake. So, what should I buy? Also, are ceramic brake pads better?


Ceramic brake pads are better in that they may be quieter, throw out less dust on the wheels, lifespan, etc. If you use ceramic pads make sure you get REAL ceramic pads. There are some pad sets that are promoted as ceramic and are organic pads with a ceramic layer over the top. These are not the same thing.

It’s difficult to say about pad and rotor brand as there are so many. Brembo is a well known brand but since Brembo outsources their rotors it’s possible that one could be buying the same rotor somewhere else for less money. You never know exactly who is producing what for whom anymore.

The problem is your comment about the Avalon being prone to shaking. It should not be prone to shaking.

If you mean shaking that occurs only when braking then keep in mind that there are other things that can cause a brake shudder other than warped brake rotors. Loose wheel bearings, loose ball joints, tie rods, tie rod ends, etc.

Have you had problems with brake shuddering immediately after having a brake job done?