Brakes, 1996 Mazda Protege

128,000 miles, in town driving, 5000 miles per year, regular maintenance.

Mechanic said I need front brakes. No quibble with that but just need ball park figures. Do back brakes, which are 20% need to be done at the same time?


Back brakes don’t have to be done at the same time. At 5000 miles/year, you have at least a year left on them.

Before you have the mechanic replace the brake pads, have him measure runout on the rotors

What is runout?

Forget the term runout

Have the mechanic measure your rotors, to make sure they aren’t warped

If they are, machine them on the lathe, or replace them

Might be better off replacing them, if there’s any doubt

Thanks, db4690. I will add those to the growing list of questions for the mechanic on Monday.