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Brake shoe

i got 100,000 mile on my real brake shoe.on older model car with brake shoe on the front did they last that long.

On your Datsun Pickup, 80-85% of the braking effort is supplied by the front (disc) brakes…The rear shoes will last a long time…

no they did not. 4 wheel drum brakes usually lasted about 40000 miles. todays rear drum brakes are made of a much better quality material and it’s not unusual to last 70-80000 miles. todays cars use a distribution block or a proportioning valve to apply the rear brakes first. if you had too much braking power in the front at first brake the rear end would come around and you would probably lose control.

Correct, but I’ve had rear brake shoes last over 200k miles with little wear. In fact, with front disk/rear drum systems, I’ve only seen one car whose rear brakes needed replacing.