2012 Chevy Cruze Rear Brake Shoe Longevity

Took the drums off my sisters Cruze with 128k. I was pleasantly surprised to still see a ton of material still remaining on the OEM shoes. I just greased the backing plates, lubed the adjuster, and put it back together. The new shoes and hardware will wait in the garage. I’ve never had rear brake shoes last this long.

On my Corolla they lasted over 90k miles before they got very thin.I have seen some cars with over 140 k miles before needing shoe replacements. I usually spray a good amount of brake clean to remove all the dust and grime before I lubricate the mechanism.New brake shoes are already very thin compare to your usual disc brake pads.I don’t really know how long shoes will last on your car but its a good thing to check them before they start damaging the drums.

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I have never had the rear shoes on a disk/drum system wear out, not even after 300k miles. Fronts go about every 100-140k but the rears last forever. Not so with all disc brakes. The rear pads seem to wear faster than the front.

My Toyota truck lasted about 100k miles.