Brake and Shake problem!

We have a 2003 Honda CRV. Recently I told my husband that everytime I hit the brake, the sterring wheel shakes and rattles my teeth! He took it to the dealer who said the brakes were fine and my husband says this is their answer. Nothing was fixed. I insist this is not normal. What else can be wrong with the brake and shake situation? How best should I address this again?

shake and bake,remember the ole chops.

rotors. answer.

Warped brake rotors are the usual cause of this. You should try another mechanic. If that turns out to be the answer, I wouldn’t go back to that dealer again because this is basic stuff.

Warped rotors are normally the cause of this but it can also be caused by worn suspension parts, loose wheel bearings, etc. and in some cases even a bad tire. The last one should not have a lot of credence put into it because it is such a rare thing.

lets not forget to torque the wheels,and remove the rust.

Just try a moderately hard stop, say 60-10 as fast as you can without locking up the wheels. Don’t stop completely, drive for a few minutes after to cool the brakes back down. One or two of these usually does the trick.

Your rotors are warped, just buy new one and replace them. its not that expensive.
This usually happens when you use hard braking while going thru puddles of water because your rotors get
very HOT and the COLD water causes them to warp. So try to anticipate and brake before getting to a puddle of water that way they wont be as HOT when the COLD water hit them!

terlynfish, READ THE POST BY ok4450!!!
Everybody is saying rotors but if the steering is really rattling instead of just shaking then there is a good chance you have worn suspension parts.