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Brake rotor warping

Do you techs believe that brake rotors warp because they are hot and then the car was driven through a puddle of water and the rotors got wet? I think they warp from hard use, and the rotors were not well designed (too thin, not enough area, poor quality materials) I think we would be seeing alot more rotor problems if all it took was a puddle. None of the factory tech reps has any data to support the puddle warping idea. Yeah its clear when something is hot and yoy throw water on it changes will occour, but actually warping the rotor?

It MAY, but I think not. There must be another problem with the brakes to overheat the rotors before the cold water hit them to cause trouble.

I believe more rotor warping is caused by tire people who don’t adhere to the stud nut torque specs for the vehicle they are working on and over tighten the nuts.

But, that’s just MHO is all.

I find it very hard to believe that a rotor (that is within specs) can warp due to getting wet. If that was the case, there would be a huge number of warped rotors every week.

Can’t happen. If the brake system is operating correctly, the rotors never build up enough heat to be effected by a little splash of water.

Unless you get the rotors red hot, and then hit them with cold water, then your looking at a possible thickness variation throughout the rotors.