Brake Repair - 2002 Honda

My 2002 Honda Accord is in the shop(dealer) for a 90,000 check/tune-up.

They say i need new brakes…

$265 to replace front brake pads and resurface rotors

$403 to replace rear brakes completely

Does this sound reasonable?

If not any advice on how to negotiate?

Thank you in advance.

I’m assuming rear brakes mean disks & pads or shoes? and trun drims. For a dealer the price is about right; Midas does thousnads of these evry day in the US and would likey be about one half to 2/3. The pads cost about $50 a set, so you are paying a great deal for the labor. I would get a price from and independent shop. You can’t negotiate with dealer shops; it’s either their way or the highway.