Brake problem with car left unused for over a month


I have 97 Honda accord with over 126,000 miles that was working fine. I was on vacation for just over a month. When I came back and drove the car for the first time, whenever I touched the brakes I felt jerky brake application and noise from the rear. Thought it might go away after I drove for a few minutes/hrs. But it did not. Even after 2 weeks the same problem persists. I have new rear brakes, installed about 7 months ago.


By new brakes I assume you mean that the rear brake shoes were replaced. I’m wondering if you left the parking brake applied the whole time the car sat. If so, you may have warped the brake drums or possibly bonded some of the brake shoe to the drum surface, giving you an odd spot in the drum. In any case, the rear brake drums should be removed for inspection and checked for true. If the surface doesn’t look up to par then have the drums resurfaced to replace them altogether. If the surface looks okay then at least use fine sandpaper or emery to rough up the drum before putting it back on. Check both sides.



I meant to say have the drums resurfaced OR replace them altogether.

-Matt (again)