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Brake lights go haywire

my brake lights work normal on my 96 accord …except when the turning signal is on, when pressing the brake pedal with the turning signal on the back lights all flash including tail lights, brake lights and tuning signals…all new bulbs in the brake lights…i have read it might be a grounding issue…but where?

Does the center brake light flash too? If it doesn’t, then inside the left taillight assembly is a monitor box that is supposed to let you know when a bulb is not working. It could be causing the problem.

My bad, that won’t be the problem. If the center brake light is not affected, then it will be G551 which is the ground connection at the brake light on the drivers side. Remove the cover over the brake light inside the trunk. The connection is at the top inside mounting bolt.

If the center brake light is also not working, then G501 is at fault also, same place but on the passenger side taillight assembly.

Thank You Keith, i will be checking that out. Thanks again for your post…i will post results.