Brake lights '99 Malibu

I have a 99 Chevy Malibu. Every couple of months I notice 1 or 2 of the 4 brake lights are out. When I check the bulbs, the element is still in tact but the problem seems to be the base of the bulb. It appears to over heat and melt somewhat and the contact gets covered with the melted plastic. Is there anything I can put on the base of the bulbs to help prevent this problem?

Yes, at an auto parts store or the dealer, they have such a “grease”.

I was at the Chevy dealer when the Malibu came new.This brake light concern was one of the lagest.Those bulbs have the exposed wire instead of the buttons for contact.GM allowed us to replace the entire light assembly when we had this problem(lens,housing complete)I think the problem is from the bulb type selected,as BMW has a similar problem on X5 turn signals that use this exposed wire type bulb.How does the glove box fit? this was another frequent complaint.Ever loose your AM? the cable becomes disconnected by the right footwell.