Brake flush leads to two new calipers


Why would I need this tool to bleed the brakes, unless there is some type of problem with the ABS? I admit, I don’t know what this thing is capable of.


You only need it if you get air into the ABS pump. If you don’t have air in your brake system and are just flushing it, you can do the two person pump procedure or pressurized tank procedure.


I’ve never flushed any brake fluid on any car I’ve owned. I think this is a phony repair designed by dealers to screw the unsuspecting consumer. The brake system is a sealed system unless you have a problem that allows for fluid to leak or water or some other contaminant to enter you should leave the brakes alone. You shouldn’t feel so good because they gave you reasonable service accommodation while emptying your wallet! :slight_smile:


They are NOT completely sealed. Air (which contains moisture) can and will get in system.

How long do you keep your vehicles. If you only keep them 5 years and 100k miles then yea…don’t bother.


I just want to jump back in and say that “bleeding brakes” is not the same as “flushing the brake system” If you have a soft brake pedal or whatever might be described as brakes that pump up when they are low then bleeding may be the solution. Steve K_1 had a brake flush! A total dealer scam.


Hi Mike

Actually I do keep my cars about 5-6 years and 100K miles. They guy in the CarTalk community was flushing the brake fluid at 12,000 miles. The dealer was definitely and PepBoys were definitely taking advantage.

Thanks for the comment.



oh… here comes another “who needs that stinky manufacturer recommended maintenance” thread…


Dealer recommended maintenance and manufacturer recommended maintenance may be completely different. Follow the manufacturer.