Corolla sticking right front caliper

Hi - I was wondering if anyone cold give me some advice. Approximately a month ago I took my 2010 corolla to get 4 new tires, new brakes, and new rotors. The car was then parked for approximately 3 weeks while I was on vacation. When driving to work i noticed it shaking and thinking it was an alignment issue took it back to the same shop to get it balanced. They did this and after driving it again I realized it was still shaking. I again took it back to the shop and they diagnosed it as a warped rotor and stuck caliper. They are giving me a bill of approximately 500. I feel like this issue is their fault for improper install. Can this happen with new rotors tired and brakes? Any suggestions would be great!

A sticking rotor will burn up the pads and cause the rotors to warp. They probably did not grease the pins and they were stuck. Caliper is probably good. I would not use them any more. As for getting them to admit it, I doubt they will and they will just take your money.

“They probably did not grease the pins and they were stuck.”---- 100% agree. No matter what happened, they owe you the new rotor and pads (ya, your calipers and likely fine.) You’re gonna have to take them to court if they don’t fix it. If they are a good shop they will fix it.