Brake fluid pressure

can anybody tell me what the brake pressure should be (while applying the brakes)for a 2000 olds.barvada?it has discs all the way around,and a.b.s.all around.thanks.

It that a rhetorical question? If you put my 90 pound mother in law behind the wheel and told her to stomp on the brakes, I’m pretty sure you would get a different reading than if I sat behind the wheel and stomped the brakes. I have never seen a brake pressure reading gauge for automotives. Maybe there is one,but I have never heard of it.

There are many brake pressure testers on the market, but they aren’t usually a part of the weekend warriors tool collection, SSBC makes a set you can pick up for about $50.

As for the question, call your local GM dealer and have the service department look up the specs for you.

Pump up the brakes 3 time, do not let pedal up.
Open bleeder on one of the wheels and if it squirts 3-6 inches your pressure is good.
Are you having trouble, why do you want to know?

thanks,i didnt think of that

i had a mechanic look at it,and he said(first)it was the brake booster,and after doing nothing,he said it was the master cylinder.i would just like to know which it is.

If you have to pump the brakes to get a good pedal feel, it’s the master cylinder. If the pedal is hard to push, but doesn’t apply until considerable force is applied, it’s the booster.

You still haven’t stated WHAT the brake problem is. Do you have a 5,000 psi pressure gauge to compare the pressures at each wheel with?

Most any brake problem can be resolved without knowing this spec.

thanks i think that will help

A Haynes manual for your car will give you the procedures to check on the brake booster versus other problem. You don’t have to disassemble or even look at anything.