Brake problems

first off,let me say thank you to all of you who responded to my other question(s).now for this one.i’m still trying to figgure out my braking woes.first i’m told it’s the brake booster,now the same mechanic is telling me it’s the master cylinder that’s would i check them’s a 2000 olds bravada.

How about telling us the symptoms of your brake problems so that we can help you to figure out whether it is the booster or the master cylinder (or neither, or both) that are at fault?

the brake peddle is real spongy,even after bleeding them several times.also,as i’ve posted before,there is uneven wear on the rotors.

Neither a bad master cylinder nor a bad booster will cause uneven wear on the rotors. That kind of problem has to be very local to the wheel.

Does this car have ABS?

yes it does

You might need to get the ABS module bled. Has it been? This typically requires one of those highly specialized and expensive gadgets so you might need to get it to a shop for bleeding.

where is the ABS module?

I’ve never popped the hood on a Bravada - but I would look near the master cylinder - driver’s side near the firewall.

But my best suggestion based on you trying to do all of this work is to go blow $20 on a repair manual (online, auto parts stores, book stores)

have one in front of me.would you be talking about the electro hydraulic control unit,and not the module