Brake caliper

I just replaced my brake caliper and I have have an air leak at the place where the whole nipple assembly joins to the caliper, (not the nipple itself). Im wondering if there is something I can put on the threads to help make a seal. Can I use Teflon tape or will this corrode?

any advise will be greatly appreciated.

Air leak? You have pneumatic brakes? On a Golf? Yes, you can use teflon tape. If it really were an air leak, there’d be no doubt about it.

um yes your right, no pneumatic breaks on my Golf.
Its leaking fluid. suggestions?

A quick google search has the consensus on a bunch of forums being “yes” to the teflon tape, but keep it off the end of the threads so pieces can’t break off into the fluid.

Whether the teflon tape will do any harm or not is not the point: this is a double flare fitting. The flare should be sealing the joint and no fluid should even get to the threaded fitting. You should be more interested in curing the leak at the flare than in putting tape on the threads.

The seating of the bleeder nipple is good. Again it is where the the whole nipple assembly joins with the caliper (Brass to aluminium alloy). This part does not get turned during the bleeding process.
Thanks SonofSpermcube and jay WBfor taking the time to answer.
Any other thoughts people?

I agree with JayWB on this one. The double flare fitting on the hose should provide 100% sealing where it contacts the caliper surface. That seal isn’t happening and you don’t understand why.

If you have to seal your leak on the threads with Teflon tape, you’re providing a weak band-aid to a problem you don’t understand. Those threads are not designed to provide any of the sealing. These are your brakes. Don’t you want to fix them properly?

I’d look to see if the mating surface on the caliper or hose is damaged, dinged, or pitted. You may need to replace both the caliper and hose to fix this properly.

Is this what you are talking about?: (To view the images, go to, register yourself and your vehicle, return here and click on the link. I guessed at a model year for your VW).