Brake bleeding


I am replacing my rear calipers and was wondering if it was necessary to bleed the brakes when I have the new caliper on. I am pretty sure it has to be done, but don’t want to do something that isn’t required…if you know what I mean. thanks for the help.


Any time that you open a hydraulic system, air will enter and you have to get it out. Especially in the case of new calipers which are empty (ie, full of air) and have to be filled with brake fluid via bleeding in order to be functional.


Yes, you will have to bleed the brake system. Start with the caliper farthest from the master cylinder and work your way toward the master cylinder, one caliper at a time.


If the rear calipers have the parking brake built into the caliper, it might take some time to get all the air out. Also, there may be an adjustment procedure, to set the pads close to the rotor.