Brake bleeding issue

odd. same issue on my equinox and my kids vue. this is vue related
replaced both front brake flex hoses. due to poor front brake “feel”
drivers side bleeds fine. using tube/bottle method
pass side bleeding is very stiff. pedal goes to floor slowly
loosened banjo bolt, fluid drips out.
tightened bolt. pedal now goes to floor. huh?
wheel bearing seems noisy. lugnuts were hot when i took wheel off.
braking seems much better now. car actually pitches forward when i stab brakes
i thought it was a hose issue. now i think i might also have a caliper issue on the pass side?
or is a bad hot wheel bearing somehow effecting the brake performance on that side?

Why are you bleeding at the banjo bolt? Use the bleeders on the calipers as they are almost always the highest point on the caliper. Using the banjo will allow an air pocket to exist between the banjo and the bleeder proper.

Also… Just set up a small bottle w a hose on the bleeder and let gravity do the rest…so long as the tube goes vertical for an inch or two before dumping into the bottle…let it sit there and drip. Then lock down bleeder and you are done.


Well, if you think there is a blockage you would assume it’s either the caliper or steel line feeding flex hose. Since I have a new flex hose I made a guess it was not plugged. So I loosened banjo bolt to see if there was any drip at bolt. Yes. I did open bleeder from 1/4 turn to 1/2 turn. Maybe the bleeder screw has some debris