1990 honda accord brake line and banjo bolt

my brake line banjo bolt came off and when i got a new one and put it on there is no fluid going to that brake i tryed to bled it but no air or fluid at all. what can it be?

i need help i bled that brake or at least tryed to about 20 times and no air or fluid comes out


I’m a little confused . . .

The broken banjo bolt is no longer an issue, because it’s been replaced, correct?

And now you’re trying to bleed the brakes, correct?

Is the fluid not coming out of the brake bleeder . . . or it’s not coming out of the brake hose?

If it’s not coming out of the brake bleeder, the bleeder is full of crud . . . fairly common . . . or there’s a piece of crud under the brake bleeder, which is preventing fluid coming out of the brake bleeder

here’s what I suggest . . . spray some wd40 on the brake bleeder, let it soak in, then remove the brake bleeder. Use an air nozzle and clean out the brake bleeder, make sure air comes out of the ports

Don’t try to clean crud out of the caliper unless cleaning the brake bleeder didn’t work

the banjo bolt was gone when my son brought me the car the replace the pad . the bleeder is free of crud and there is no fluid or air bubbles coming out when bleeding them
is we had to go to pick a part to get the banjo bolt because nobody carried it not even when you get a new brake line.

another thing my son said the banjo bolt had been missing for quit some time and that the passenger side brake didnt work because it always pulled to the left

and the fluid never leaked out of the line . is there some kind of check valve in the line some where?

No, there is no check valve. Since it pulls hard to the left, there should be fluid coming out of the left bleeder? Yes? Unscrew the right rubber line from the hard line, does fluid come out? If so there is a clog in the rubber line, replace it. If not, trace that line back to its start at the ABS modulator or near the master cylinder. Loosen the line. does fluid come out? Yes? Replace the hard line, it has a clog.

Do you see where this is going? Keep working backwards until you get fluid and replace the stuff between the point you see fluid and the brake caliper.

Oh, and tell your kid if this EVER happens again, to PARK the car until it can be fixed, he’s endangering his life and everyone around him.

Yeah, I just read this thread, and went ‘WTF’ at your post a 5:12. It never ceases to amaze me what some people consider Ok or fail to see as red flags with flashing lights. Considering the conditions you state, I would trace the entire brake line back to the master cylinder. The previous owner may have disconnected and capped the line so that the brakes still worked on three wheels, and just didn’t want to be bothered to fix the front right brake. BTW, once you restore the function of the brake line, be prepared to fix the other problem that was by-passed.

thank you i will do just that and i will let you know how it comes out and i agree completely and thats why it will sitting in my driveway asap thanks again for your help

Missing for quite some time? What led to that conclusion? Banjo bolts don’t come out. They are removed or left loose during a brake service. I’d look at the rubber hose and steel lines to see if someone pinched them closed to prevent fluid loss.