Brake bleeding 2002 Caravan

How can I bleed the brakes myself on a 2002 Dodge Caravan? Would gravity bleeding work ? Haynes manual says “tow car to dealer, special computer codes required” Dealer says $200 to bleed the brakes!

I have not played with the brakes on an '02 Caravan, so I can’t give definitive info.

But in general it is likely that a special computerized scan tool is required to correctly bleed the ABS system. However, if you need to just bleed lines just based on having done work at a wheel - such as after a line or caliper replacement - standard bleeding ought to work fine.

I just bled the brakes on my 04 Accord with ABS. No problem and no computer codes needed. Remember, with the engine off the ABS is not functioning and all that’s left is a standard hydraulic brake system.