Brake answers

I have a 08 equinox and my tires keep locking took it to a repair shop and they told me that the brakes wasn’t bleed right could this be the reason cause I had my brakes done at car x and it didn’t start happening until after I got brakes done

What exactly do you mean when you say your tires keep locking? Is this just random, or only when you hit the brake pedal?

Have you even talked to the place that did the brakes ? And best to leave out that you went to another shop .

This is something you might suggest to your mechanic. When they did the brakes, did they replace the master cylinder? (Many shops and home mechanics do not.)

Researching, I found this is a common problem on the Equinox. On most cars, I would suspect the ABS was acting up. Pulling fuses for the ABS, or turning off ABS, will stop the locking and let your mechanic know where to look. The Equinox is different… and it often stumps mechanics and dealers.

Have your mechanic check the master cylinder (MC) and power booster. After a few years the MC can fail and leak fluid into the booster. The typical fix is to replace the MC, but fluid can damage the booster and it causes the brakes to lock.

If you aren’t familiar with the system, your pedal operates the master cylinder. It is assisted by the power booster, which uses engine vacuum (or electricity) to amplify fluid pressure. You get more stopping power with less pedal pressure. Both are mounted on the engine side of the firewall, near the steering column.

I found an excellent chat explaining the problem. Maybe print it out for your mechanic.