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Brake and steering fluid

I have a 2004 Hyundai Accent which I purchased brand new in 2004. Several times a year I check, among other things, the brake fluid level and the power steering fluid level. As of today (April 21) both the brake fluid level and the power steering fluid level is near the top of those two reservoirs. I don’t understand it. The car is running all right. I don’t drive the car hard and I only drive about 6,000/7,000 miles a year. But shouldn’t I have used more fluid than that? Is there something wrong with the car or what? Thank you very much.

the power steering fluid doesn’t get ‘used up’. if you have a leak, it does run out. no leak, don’t worry, just keep checking it. (that’s how you become aware of leaks.)

the brake fluid doesn’t get ‘used up’ either, but it can get ‘displaced’ as the brakes wear down. actually low brake fluid is an indicator that your brakes are wearing down and will soon need repairs.

do you take the car to the mechanic to get the oil changed? they usually ‘top’ off the different fluids while you are there. don’t sweat it, it sounds like you are monitoring your car as you should. be thankful the fluids AREN’T dropping. that would indicate problems.

the oil and transmission are different things. keep monitoring all. and discuss the levels with your mechanic when you go in for your oil changes.

Neither fluid gets used up. Ever. I have a 13-year-old car and have never added power steering fluid to it, brake fluid was added only one time. Neither system has ever been flushed. You have nothing to complain about. Your car is normal.