Bought a used 2018 Volvo but turned off while driving

Purchased a car through carvana and have 7 days to return or keep and repair under their warranty. The car is a 2018 v60 cross country. We’ve only had it for 2 days and today it completely shut off I’m the middle of driving it off the freeway ramp stopped at the light. I couldn’t start it up again and couldn’t even turn on the hazard lights as there didnt seem to be any electricity. Roadside assistance came about 30 mins later and tried to start it again and worked. What do you guys think the issue is and should we return it or get it repaired under their warranty? Thanks

For Pete’s sake , return it . You have to wonder why a 2018 Volvo was back on the market that soon . It was not because it was a great vehicle . For the price you paid for that there are plenty of new vehicles you could purchase.
Disclaimer : We have a 2010 Volvo bought new and have not had any problems but scheduled service is not cheap . I would never tell any one to buy a used Volvo - BMW - Mercedes or Jaguar .


Another vote for “get rid of it while you can”. And buy something more reliable, like a Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, etc.


It could be something as simple as a faulty battery, but you could spend your retirement account once warranty is out. Thumbs up for returning. Hopefully the return policy doesn’t read “at discretion of dealership”.

I’ll bet even money, if you track the original owner, he spent 12 months in and out of the shop.


Personally I would see if you could get it to a Volvo dealer in under the 7 days to address the issue. If they find nothing return it. The issue could be very simple given the hazards were not working either like a loose ground or battery cable.

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Corolla is a terrible suggestion for what the poster has as it is a boring penalty box. Camry get decent however not a wagon.

The likely more known to be reliable equivalent is really only a Subaru Outback which can be equipped as nicely as a V60. The screaming bargain equivalent brand new is a leftover 2018 Buick TourX but no idea how a rebadged Made in Germany Euro GM(Opel?) is.

Return the car and RUN from this car.

Sure, it has a factory warranty left. Sure the dealer will fix it for free. The previous owner had this too and still sold a one year old car. I’d bet the car has done this before and the dealer couldn’t find the problem.

Return the car.


It was designed by Opel, but it is built by PSA Group (Peugeot-Citroen).
And, it is made in Poland, not Germany.


It was a rental car for 5 months before being sold and into auction. I think it was sold twice through other dealers for a few more months each that added about 1000 miles during that time. There’s 13k miles total on it.

Yea there’s the silver rock warranty and the original Volvo warranty still intact. The car was a rental though so I think that is fairly normal.

I don’t follow your thinking here at all. A rental company is not going to auction a good vehicle at 5 months and take that kind of loss without good reason. Then sold at auction two more times .
Just bail while you can.


I agree with VOLVO_V70. These are red flags to me. I’d get out now.

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Thanks everybody! We’ve decided to return it


Exactly my thought. If the dealer wants to extend the return time to 6 months, maybe OK. They could do nothing and it might last 7 days.

Good call for the Op. Hertz is one of the biggest car leasing outfits around. If someone drops one after a few months, it can be another red flag. The leasee is willing to lose a large down payment, plus an early return penalty, just to be rid of the car. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons, but sometimes it was in the shop more than on the road.

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My vote is for returning it due to the 5 months of being a rental car. A rental car agency is not going to give one up that quickly and I suspect the reason they did so was because it probably left some rental car users high and dry at inopportune times. That can create some bad PR for the rental agency even though it’s not their fault.


Of the big three, Enterprise averages the shortest lifetime at 12 months. Avis and Hertz keep them for twice that. Mileage is usually 20,000 to 30,000 when sold. The age and mileage are so low, it’s likely there was another reason, like random stalling. You made a wise decision to return it.

i would recommend a 2014 Lexus GX or a Mercedes ML both have been very reliable.

Reading your comment I would push ,drag or pull this back to where you bought it. Having worked in automotive for 40 plus years Volvo’s are by far the worst cars we worked on.As manager of a repair shop we always sent them back to dealers. I have had mechanics that actually quit due to certain foreign brands they just refused to work on. This is only my opinion as you will find pros and cons with any manufacturer.

The OP said 4 days ago that they are returning the vehicle .

Mustang man I would put money on your comment you are correct. Most cars never get traded unless there is a problem. Being in the automotive business most of my life I find lots of vehicles traded or sold due to problems the owner couldn’t or didn’t want to spend time or money to solve. For what its worth

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