Bought a certified ford used car and have some issues?

I just bought a used ford explorer xlt 2016 under 30 thousand miles, it is supposed to be certified but I feel they did not do a full inspection. The car is making clicking noises after I shut the engine off. It’s coming from the bottom of the car. I also noticed that when I make a right turn that the steering wheel gets stiff at the end of the turn but it’s normal when I turn left. Another issue is the break is slightly tough to press? are these something to be worried about it? Should I take it back in and call out the dealership for these issues.

Certified used vehicle means nothing.

It’s still a used vehicle.



Note it to the dealer, Almost bought one, weird thumpig, o just a branch in the suspension, still thumped afterwards, I walked away. Hope the warranty covers it.

Ckicking noise from undenearh is probably from exhaust or heat shield cooling. You have to turn the wheel more to turn right than to turn left (unless you are British) so you may be forcing the steering against the stop on right hand turns.

I would complain if the brakes don’t feel right. If they tell you it is normal, ask to drive one like it.

My stepfather told me, buy the car, not the salesman or the story. CPO is the story.

That’s a good idea to drive another exact car. But the clicking noises is not something worry about?

You can complain about anything you want to after purchasing a used car.

A used car inspection involves inspecting the brakes, tires, lights, wipers, glass, fluid leaks etc.

A used car inspection does not include searching for exhaust system cooling sounds or steering and brake characteristics that may not appeal to the buyer.

There may be something wrong with the vehicle but don’t expect every abnormal operation to be discovered during a 1 hour used car inspection.

If it is a Ford CPO, you should be covered. Just take it back.

" Yes, every Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle comes with a comprehensive limited warranty backed by Ford Motor Company covering more than 1000 components for 12 months/12,000 miles* plus seven-year/100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty coverage."

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We can’t hear it, but the likelihood is that you are merely hearing the uneven cooling of the various exhaust components. Some of my cars over the years have exhibited that syndrome, others have not, but–more than likely–this harmless noise is all that you are hearing. The steering and brake issues may be significant, however.

If you post an audio it might help tell.

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