Both of my cars will not start....Very similar issues


Good morning and thank you for reading my post. I have two vehicles that currently will not start. Both have all auxillary power, and I’m not even getting a chug when I try to start either of them. I do not hear anything at all when I try to start either of them. My cars are a 1998 Saturn SL2, and a 1991 Nissan Sentra. Both, in the preliminary stages of this, would not start when parked on an incline. If you would roll the vehicles down to a flat spot though they would start right up after a night on sitting on level ground. Now, neither will start at all. I have had them both towed to mechanics, but when they get the cars they start right up for them. The mechanics say that they don’t see anything wrong, so I drive the cars home and then the next day they won’t start. Any ideas? Thank you for any info.


What does Both, in the preliminary stages of this mean?

I wonder if there could be a fuel pump problem or if water or other foreign substance has found its way into the fuel tank? How long have the current fuel filters been in each car?


If you get no sound at all when you try to start the cars, no starter spinning, no clicking, no nothing, then the problem is in the starter circuit, and electrical in nature. A bad connection in one of the battery cables (either end) could do it, or a bad engine ground connection, or a problem in the ignition switch, solenoid, or starter.

Something shifts when you move the car to a flat spot or when it is towed, the connection is restored temporarily, and the car starts.


By preliminary stages of this I just mean that when this problem started with both vehicles. When we first started having the problems it was every other week, and it was just when the car was parked on an incline. Now it doesn’t matter about the incline, and it is every other day. The fuel filters on both have been replaced within the last year.


Have you checked your wires for rodent damage? With both cars doing the same thing, you have to look for a common connection, like the environment.