Botched Shifter Cable Repair or Something Else?

I have a 2004 Toyota Corolla that has 145,000 miles. It was towed to the repair shop due to a broken shifter cable. Prior to that, the car was driving completely fine.

I picked the car up today and it seemed to drive normally back to my office. But driving home it began to jerk and vibrate at red lights, to the point that I thought it might stall completely.

Halfway home and the CEL came on. Is this related to the repair – or something else entirely? I understand the cable repair is a lot of work and wonder if maybe he knocked something loose?

Possible something got knocked loose, possible coincidence. If you trust your mechanic take it back to them, if not post the codes after getting them read for free from a parts store that provides that service.

I agree with Barkydog. Wild guessing a bit on little info known, maybe there was a vacuum line or intake tract component loosened and not tightened properly.
A vacuum leak can cause rough running at idle and low RPM but may smooth out with the pedal nailed.

I had something similar happen, after a Cat converter replacement. The car missed badly†. Took it back and they reseated the electrical connectors they had had to open, and that fixed the problem.

† Not sure exactly what the symptom was, this was years ago.


Yep, they knocked a hose loose during the repair of the shifter cable. Whew. Easy and free fix.

Thanks for the feedback and kudos to Barkydog and ok4450 for their pinpoint assessments.

Thanks for letting us know the fix. Glad it was free and you’re back in business.