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He said the original engine developed incurable problems. I don’t recall what was wrong.

I’m still grinning at the reverse-o flames on that Pinto. Oh my…

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Yeah, I think that’s pretty funny too.


It looks to me like that’s a TOW launcher on the right side; if so, even 18 wheelers won’t mess with this guy!

Unless the whoever hit the back of the boat drove the front of the trailer through the gas tank…

For years and years, all makes and models of trucks had the gas tanks behind the seats. You can see the filler pipe right behind the driver’s door.


I remember some of the old road gas tractor’s had three tank’s one on each side of the frame and one behind the seat with a switchover valve in front of the driver’s seat.

Yeah, my dad’s '67 Chevy pickup had that exact set up. However, the tank behind the driver’s seat was the stock tank; the tanks under the be were aftermarket tanks he had someone install several years later. I don’t recall, but the under the frame tanks (on the older trucks) may have been an option, either from the manufacturer or from the dealer.

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That happened to a Pinto my father was overtaking while commuting home on a Chicago beltway - the Pinto was in the middle lane passing a semi- to it’s right when the truck braked for a car ahead, jackknifed on ice and its trailer bumped the back of the Pinto which instantly was engulfed in flames as my dad passed by on its left. People stopped but no-one could get near the car, and no-one got out. He said the impact was slight and felt any other car could have driven away from it.

It was “Bang, click, boom.”
That’s the car getting hit, then the doors automatically locking to prevent escape, then the car exploding. But we had one that got rear-ended twice and didn’t explode.

Could be a pointy-ended boat might be the best way to pierce a discount gas tank.

Not to worry, that was prolly 30 years ago. I don’t even have a boat and never owned a Fjiord. I did have an old guy run into the back of my trailer once though. Didn’t even phase him and neither car went up into smoke. I think his wife was lecturing him at the time from what I could tell through the rear view mirror, but thanks for your concern.

Pinto picture, thy name is irony.

One too many zeros…can’t be a computer Einstein

I have no idea what you are talking about. Is this supposed to be a number in base 1 or something? Or computer code? Can’t be a letter or number from a teletype since there were only 5 mark/space positions in the old days. You gotta just 'splain a little better what you are talking about.

I’ve got one on my Yaris. Hauling a 170 pound Laser sailboat to the lake that’s 1 mile away down a road that has a 30 mph speed limit is not really “towing”.

Some 20+ years ago a few MIT students disassembled the Deans car and then reassembled it in his office.