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Bogus Mold Advice

Dear Click & Clack,
So, why are your names actually the sound that a train makes rolling down the rails?

The real reason for this message… YOU IDIOTS!!!

Were you trying to kill the girl in Florida with an Acura full of mold? The gasses coming off the bleach in an enclosed car would be harmful.

If you don’t believe me… Read the following.

There are products on the market that won’t change the color of her interior and are non-toxic to humans.
I have used Moldex.

Thanks for doing your weekly show. Very entertaining, clever and witty.

If this foolishness continues… I may remove you from my will. This could cost you tens of dollars.

Tom and Ray don’t visit this place.

Tsk, tsk. All that effort and no satisfaction.

I also sent the msg via email. Who knows, they might accidentally see it.

Alas, this comment window appears to be dysfunctional. I understand Calium’s consternation now. Perhaps no administrator pulls weekend duty and in such event, as a courtesy, the site visitor should be apprised of the fact of the delay in posting.

best regards to staff

I intuit there is a size limitation to the text of the comment. My suggestion for an automotive mold problem and any small critter problem is to try utilizing an ozone generating capacitor in the closed vehicle and/or colloidal silver spray. This can be followed up with a Concrobium treatment to discourage mold resurgence. Do the research. Good luck!

This has to do with Rain’s ant problem. You have to kill the queen, or the nest comes back. And with fire ants, that’s a bit problematical, as they can have multiple queens, unlike most ants. The best thing I’ve found is a slow acting poison that the ants will distribute through the nest, such as Revenge, Terro or Pic liquid ant bait.

How about baking the car overnight in a paint-shop? That should kill all the ants and the spores from the mould. What’s more, it would be green!