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Bob and the Miracle Car: April 1974

Regarding the July 26 puzzler, I’m stumped at identifying any car that fits the description.

What pre-1961 sedan came with with a manual transmission, a column-mounted shifter, an alternator, power windows, a diesel engine, and tail fins?

Does anybody know what it could be?

the cord.

Probably a Citreon or a Mercedes Benz.

The 1961 Mercedes Benz Fintail had all the items that you stated. Since a lot of them were built in 1960 it could be considered a 14 year old vehicle. My uncle owned a couple of these vehicles back in the early 60’s and both were black.

Thanx, missileman.

After posting the question, I subsequently found the 1961 MERCEDES BENZ E-Klasse “Kleine Heckflosse” (W110) 190Dc. But it still seems a bit of a stretch as an answer. The model was introduced in April 1961, so if it was built in 1960, Mercedes would have been sitting on a three month inventory of cars.

Plus, Bob was cruising around 80, though the car’s top speed is rated at 78 mph:

Guess I figured the correct puzzler answer should have included a make and model, not an unnamed (or obscure) diesel-engined car.

Oh well…