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Bo o o o guz Puzzler

Two weeks ago the Puzzler was as follows: Which of the following presidents’ mothers, by her own admission, did not vote for her son when he ran for the presidency of the United States? Number one, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Number two, William Jefferson Clinton. Number three, Thomas Woodrow Wilson.

The correct answer is None of the Above. The answer the show thought was correct was Thomas Woodrow Wilson. He was elected in 2012 and 2016. True, that in those years a woman could not vote. But note one part of the Puzzler states “by her own admission”. Wilson’s mother, Jessie Janet Woodrow never said anything of the sort for the simple reason that by the time her son ran for President she had been stone dead for 24 years! She had died in 1888. So, no mother of the three named ever said such a thing. Bo o o o gus.

2012 ?

Yep, bogus alright. (@tifoso, you know you can correct your typos by clicking on the “gear” that appears to the right of your title and choosing “edit.”)

Don’t know much about Wilson’s personal history, but could the puzzler reference been to Wilson’s step-mother who was still living?

@Insightful - What typo? The puzzler statement was a copy-and-paste. Maybe there should be a comma after the mother’s name in apposition.

@George - The puzzler clearly stated “mother”. It does not appear that Wilson’s father, Joseph Ruggles Wilson, who died in 1903, remarried. If that is so, then there was no stepmother.

What typo? The puzzler statement was a copy-and-paste. Maybe there should be a comma after the mother's name in apposition.

2012 - 2016.

I think it was

1912 - 1916

since these puzzlers have nothing at all to do with cars, as many things in the show don t, I find the limiting of the topics that are allowed to be discussed here and the changing of the description of general discussion in the topic index…, puzzling…

@tifoso, yeah, the 2012 - 2016. I assume you didn’t really think old Woodrow was first elected in 2012 did you?

ah, I just saw an old conversation about al Jazeera from September, perhaps that’s what changed the discussion parameters

@insightful - Yes. That should have been 1912 and 1916. Thanks.

The issue remains. Do you agree that the question was bo o o o gus?

@Miike in NH - You are correct.

Sure do.

How cute to see people responding to the show as if it isn’t a repeat. I wish I was that out of touch with reality.

You mentioned this in the other thread, too. For people who aren’t here all the time, or aren’t long-time listeners, it’s conceivable they don’t know. I’m not sure it’s fair to call them divorced from reality when in another thread you knock the show for not being clear enough about the production status.

Well …beat them two brothers with a heater hose!!!

The gall of them not to spend time to research the Puzzler before they air it.
There must be a library in Mass. with the information for the research.

I think they should be booted off the air for such a flagrant mistake and fined heavily to boot.

Then draw and quarter them!!!

@ tifoso; must lead a pretty dull life, that there isn’t something more important to worry about.


@cdaquila, I don’t know about this because I’m here frequently. I know they retired because it was in the major news media. It was also announced on the show itself. Worst of all, the calls are exclusively about low mileage cars from the early 1990s. You don’t have to be a detective.

whitey, the point is, these people that respond to the show here are fans, and could possibly become valued members of our little car club.

if the first thing they are greeted with is an insult its not likely they ll return.

the retirement really wasn t publicized that much. I m a fairly regular listener, and tho I knew it was coming, it was a couple months after they actually retired before I realized it had happened already.

give the new posters a break

I still listen to the show(s). Even when they weren’t repeats I would only listen to at most 10 shows a year. So most of the shows I’m hearing now are NOT repeats TO ME. It’s still very entertaining. Love listening to them.

@wesw, I wasn’t insulting anyone. Seriously, ignorance is bliss, and I seriously sometimes wish I didn’t know what I know. If I didn’t know the shows were old reruns, I could continue to enjoy them, and I really wish that was possible. I envy the people who haven’t heard those calls before, because the show will continue to be new to them for a long time to come. For loyal listeners like me, though, the repackaging of old calls being rebroadcast like a live call-in show is insulting. It’s also kind of unethical in my view because it is deliberately misleading. For those who can still enjoy the show, more power to you. Enjoy.

Obviously, knowing the shows are reruns hasn’t kept you guys from being loyal listeners, so I don’t think a little honesty at the beginning of each show will hurt the cause.