BMW Z3 2000 2.5L camshaft sensors

Where is the camshaft position sensor A - Bank 1 located? And what is it, intake or exhaust?

In 2000 there only was a sensor for the intake cam and the sensor was located between the VANOS solenoid and the oil filter housing.

What’s $20 for a repair manual? It could easily pay for itself with the first incorrectly diagnosed part NOT replaced.
The DTC code will indicate which sensor the incompatible signal is coming from. S1B1 is Sensor 1 (intake), Bank 1 is same side of engine (on a V engine) that has #1 spark plug.
This article, from Auto Zone, gives instructions on the camshaft sensors. Scroll down 17 pages to see the photographs. You may have to register. That’s fine. It’s easy.

Since it is a straight 6 I did not feel I had to go into the bank issue,just tell him that only the intake cam had a sensor and where it is.

Thanks, Oldschool,
Since a 2.5L engine can be a 4 cylinder, a straight 6 cylinder, or a V4, or opposed, one (moi) assumes it’s a Vee, because it often is.

Now THERE’S a poster who really knows his BMWs. Note the sarcastic tone of my keyboard.

The Z3 has never had a V-configued engine. In fact, AFAIK, no smaller BMW has had a V-configured engine, unless you go back to the 1950s and the short lived 507 V-8 series of Elvis Presley fame. Or to the later 5,6,7, and 8 series cars, which I don’t class as “smaller”. BMW’s 2.5 has always been a six cylinder. Their excellent four cylinder engines have been approximately 1600, 1800 and 2000 CCs.

And other than the Saab Sonnet, what cars have had V-4s? Just curious. I don’t know of any.

If you don’t know about something, just don’t post anything.

That’s just hellokit for you, pretty much knows it all, a V engine in a Z3? go back to school.

Talking about people who know it all!

It would have taken you 15 seconds to see that the Z3 never came with a Vee type engine,instead you chose to run me down.

Actually with 02 sensors when they have one in the manifold for the front 3 cylinders and one in for the rear 3 (split exhaust manifold that I believe I have seen this) there may be a bank designation,but thats for 02 sensors.