BMW x5


I have a 2001 BMW x5 that will only start when temperature 30 degrees and above when below that you new starter fluid to start it after that it runs fine until another cold morning

Try rewriting your post so that it makes sense to us who are reading it.
Punctuation and proof reading would be very helpful.


Yea you should take a little time to proof reading your message, but I sounds to me like you need to help us out with a little more information.  

How many miles on your BMW? How long have YOU owned it.  Has it had good maintenance?  When was the last time the air filter, plugs and wires been replaced?  How old is the battery?  Is there a Check Engine Light on?

Is there any history of problems?

There is a TSB that informs of a poor fitting boot from trottle body to intake manifold. the TSB say this should be checked for sealing properly on cars that display a hard start condition.The problems happens due to unmetered air (and thus a lean condition)