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BMW X3 vs Volvo XC70


I currently own a Volvo XC70 and I am looking into possibly replacing it BMW’s X3. They are about the same price. My main concern is safety and cargo space. Looking forward to any comments.

The capacity seem pretty similar to me:

Volvo XC70: Internal dimensions: front headroom (inches): 39.3, rear headroom (inches): 38.9, front hip room (inches): 55, rear hip room (inches): 54.8, front leg room (inches): 42.6, rear leg room (inches): 35.2, front shoulder room (inches): 56.2, rear shoulder room (inches): 55.9 and interior volume (cu ft): 98.3

BMW X3:Internal dimensions: front headroom (inches): 39.3, rear headroom (inches): 39.4, front hip room (inches): 56.7, rear hip room (inches): 57.4, front leg room (inches): 40.2, rear leg room (inches): 35.8, front shoulder room (inches): 55.8, rear shoulder room (inches): 55.4 and interior volume (cu ft): 96.1

The BMW gets 20% better gas mileage. Probably the best way to find out which one is safest is to talk to your insurer. IIHS has real world safety data in 5 categories, but not later than 2006. The 2 trucks you are interested in aren’t listed. But IIHS gets this information from almost all the insurers in the USA. Your insurer should have more up to date information and can tell you which will be less expensive to insure, and therefore safer. One more thing: the data includes driver error as well. If Volvo drivers happen to be safer as a group than BMW drivers, BMWs will cost more to insure.

Thank you for the detailed information. I really appreciate it.

Great advice! Many thanks.