Bmw x3 versus toyota highlander hybrid

Looking to buy a used bmw x3 (75K miles) 2006 model versus a toyota highlander limited hybrid 2010 with 65K miles. The bmw is priced at 14K, while the highlander is priced at 26K. Both cars drive good, clean records. However the hybrid I fear has hidden costs. Can someone elaborate what would be their choices and why

Neither. I’d get a regular Highlander for, say, 20k, avoid the high maintenance/repair costs of the BMW and the uncertain treatment of the hybrid.

I agree with your choice. However, Regular highlander for 20K, at that mileage, is almost impossible. Very high premium on resale for toyota highlander in the SF bay area. I think I can get the BMW if I negotiate for 10K. What do you think then??? This is for my wife. She wants a SUV. My choice would be a 4 wheel drive wagon.

Look at They have a True Cost To Own feature that will estimate the cost of each for the next 5 years. They only go back as far as 2008 for the X3, but you can be certain that maintenance and repairs (M&R) will likely be higher for older versions. I’m basing that strictly on age and nothing else.

Anyway, M&R costs for a 2008 X3 are expected to be about $21,000 over the next 5 years and $11,000 is maintenance. That’s easy to predict. A 2010 Highlander Hybrid should have M&R costs of about $8700. And the maintenance is expected to be about $5800 - half that of the X3. Mostly, this shows that luxury cars are more expensive to own and older crs are more expensive to own once the purchase cost is paid. Still, expect the difference in purchase cost to disappear in the first year or two between these two SUVs based on the numbers I showed above. If cost is the driver, I’d buy the Highlander. But you may prefer what the BMW offers enough that you are willing to pay the price. It’s all in what you want.

I say neither too. Having shopped for a few cars recently, I can say that used Toyota’s and Honda’s are expensive. The BMW is a money pit. If your wife is okay with the size of the X3, take a look at the new RAV 4, you would spend a bit over 20K plus the tax for the great state of CA. If the RAV 4 is too small, then look at Mazda’s, we got a great deal on a CPO CX-9. Other options would be offerings from Ford and GM, (Edge, Explorer, Equinox), or even Kia Sorento.