Bmw vs driving performance better?

hi i read that bmw driving performance feels better?

can anyone explain that better to me anyone with experience driving both who understands this statement?

in what way? thanks

Probably not . You just have to drive them both and see for yourself as both brands have vehicles for different purposes .

Actually anything might feel better when compared to your current Nissan Note .


I admit I don’t know the answer to your question.

But honestly… I kinda think this is one of those “if you have to ask, you don’t need it” type scenarios.

Sort of like if you have to ask about the fuel economy on a Ferrari…maybe you’d be more comfortable at the Ford dealership next door.


Both can be great or OK, just depending on the model and trim. Only way to know if you like one better is to drive them yourself.

Depends on the model I would imagine. A MB E63 S AMG is probably going to be more exciting to drive than a BMW 116 D. But a BMW M4 Competition is probably going to be more exciting to drive than a MB A160. You’re asking a very general question that’s answer will vary based on very specific circumstances.

As far as straight line performance, pretty much anything can scoot these days (you can get a Dodge with more than 700hp) and most of it will lose to a Tesla.

Cornering-wise, BMW usually gets the edge over Mercedes because they’re a little more sport-oriented than MB. But you pay for that handling capability not only in upfront costs, but in having to deal with the headache of owning a relatively unreliable car that costs a lot of money to fix.


I’ll try… I’ve driven both and worked on both as an engineer developing the ride and handling so here goes…

Driving performance refers to the car’s ability to respond to the driver’s inputs; steering, throttle, brake. You see a corner, you tap the brake, turn the wheel and the car responds crisply and with authority rather than more slowly and softly. If you are traveling very quickly, the performance oriented car holds to the road to a higher speed before it starts to slip away from the center of the corner. As the corner ends, an application of the throttle settles the car and causes the car to quickly exit the turn.

The performance car does not isolate the driver from the experience while the lest performance oriented car tries to remove all disturbances. Removes a lot of useful feedback, too, so it is a balance.

The down-side to this improved performance is a car that rides less smoothly, requires more attention to keep straight on uneven road surfaces, has large, more expensive, lower profile tires more prone to pothole damage but gives the driver more information through their hands, feet, and rear-end.

Both the BMW and the Mercedes make a range of cars that go from smooth and comfortable to firm with sharp handling. The average Mercedes tends towards the smooth and comfortable while the average BMW tends to the stiffer more reactive style.

Hope that helps.


What constitutes good “driving performance” in your mind?

When I am driving smoothly on an interstate in my loaded 2007 minivan and am passed by a lifted 4X4 truck with a loud muffler, I am quite satisfied that my van’s driving performance is just about what I want it to be. I suppose the owner of the vehicle that passed me feels the same. His or her passengers, maybe less so.


Car and Driver used to do lots of comparison tests of cars (now it’s mostly SUVs), so here are some from the 2000-2010 era. Sometimes MB came out ahead, sometimes BMW, sometimes they were both behind Infiniti, Audi, or Lexus:
Tested: 2007 Luxury Performance Sedan Comparison (
Tested: 2021 Audi RS7 vs. BMW M8 GC vs. Mercedes-AMG GT63 S (
Tested: 2004 Big-Money Luxury Sedan Comparison (
Tested: 2004 Luxury Sports Coupe Comparison (
Tested: 2007 Long-Wheelbase Luxury Sedan Comparison (
Tested: 2008 BMW M3 vs. Audi RS 4 vs. Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (
Tested: 2007 BMW 328i vs. Cadillac, Infiniti, and Mercedes Rivals (
2010 Luxury Sports Sedan Comparo (

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I know people who swear by German engineering, but none of them are brand loyal to either company unless they’re motorcycle enthusiasts.

Depending on the model the Bmw has been favored over the Mercedes but it has varied over the years. In Europe buyers would get the model with the smallest engine and get the sporty exterior package (M-Sport or AMG) and the badge delete option.

I expect what they mean by ‘the BMW driving performance feels better’ than the Mercedes is the BMW doesn’t lean as much in corners and this makes it feel like it holds the road better. The downside to this is the BMW may have a little rougher ride, where you feel the bumps a little more. It’s going to vary from model to model of course. There’s no need to guess though; go to the dealerships & take some test drives.

I’ve driven both a VW Rabbit and a Corolla extensively, so my experience might provide a clue. The VW held to the road in corners better and didn’t lean as much as the Corolla. The Corolla, definitely a softer ride.

BMW harsher better handling/MB softer more lean used to be kind of correct, but no longer. They now overlap completely in their target markets, BMW has in some cases gotten ‘softer’, MB has in some cases sharpened up their handling.

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Why would you think that either one of those old vehicles have any relation to a late model BMW or Mercedes ?


Here’s a recent comparison between the 330i and the C300, with a (very) slight edge in handling to the 330i:
BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sports Sedans - Consumer Reports

The VW is more targeted at those who want a little better handling even as a base model, but not too harsh. My Brother’s had a GTi since the fall of 2008 and you’ll have to pry the keys from his hand. Particularly fun on the nearby mountain roads while still being practical enough for a family car.


What do you want your new car to do for you? If you can give us a good idea what you want, we can help you decide if there is a Benz or BMW that might meet your interests.

If I were looking at BMW or Mercedes i’d take a trip up to where nearly all the high end dealers are located on either side of I-5 near Tacoma and look at Audi and Lexus while i’m in the area.

The BMW owner’s that I’ve talked to seem to really enjoy driving theirs, one was on the way home from a training session at the racetrack that’s 30min away from here.

I can confirm this. I’ve been driving a Jetta for a few years, and it’s more fun to drive than the econoboxes I’ve driven before.


Being an Audi owner, I’d put our A4 Quattro’s handling up against a 3 series BMW or C class Benz any day. I was shocked at the size tire this car came with!

The ride is firm but still quite good.