BMW sexy only skin deep?


Well, I just checked, it came with a 4 the first year ('96), but then the 6 in '97 and later years. Spartanburg’s in South Carolina.

Texas, you have one on me, I never have seen a 4 cyl Z3.

When I say “2002” model you know what I mean dont you? that boxy looking sedan BMW made (and made BMW) in the late 60’s early 70’s was called a “2002”

Yeah, I’d like to have a 2002, the 72 and earlier ones especially. Friend had one years ago, too bad he wasn’t much of a ‘car guy’, he didn’t really know what he had.

I remember about the 4cyl Z3 because that’s the one they had Bond driving in some 007 movie right before the Z3 was introduced. Not like it was a really fast car…