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BMW M Roadster Rear Diff. Mount Issues

I have a 2000 BMW M(Z3) Roadster and have noticed that a few of the rivets have broken off in the Trunk’s floor area along with cracks in the sheet metal of the floor above the Diffrential. If this continues, one day the whole rear end will fall off the car, as I have been told. BMW has acknowledged this problem on M3 coupes and sedans, basically the same drive train, however are NOT going to do anything about “Z” cars.

Can we help you wring out your crying towel?? Your car is 10 years old. That’s all you get. Anything past that is bonus time. The way you describe it, your car is unsafe to drive now…This is the kind of problem that if it happens to one of them it will happen to ALL of them. Find a Z3 forum and see if more tears are being shed and if anybody has come up with a fix…

Every car made by anyone has design flaws here and there and apparently this is one of BMW’s hiccups.
This problem could possibly be a bit worse on vehicles that have a tendency to get driven a bit more aggressively than others.

This is one guy’s fix.

Personally, I would get this taken care of before something splits completely apart and leaves car and rear axle heading in different directions.

I’ve heard of this in articles talking about what good performance bargains these are. Post this on a BMW forum, see if folks with the problem have any suggestions.

Caddyman, c’mon. That’s a crappy way of replying to someone. Everyone’s looking to hold onto cars longer, and this kind of advise helps noone.

Like I said, you are not alone…Which is good! Since it’s a common problem, repair shops will be familiar with it and you won’t have to bear the R&D costs of a fix…